Skyworld KS1 Swimming Lessons



Dear Parents/Carers,


We will soon be starting our 2016-2017 swimming programme for Skyworld on Tuesday 7th February.  The children will be swimming on:-


  1. February 7th
  2. February 21st
  3. February 28th
  4. March 7th
  5. March 14th
  6. March 21st
  7. March 28th
  8. April 4th



Please can you ensure that you sign the permission list which is with the Teaching Assistant in your child’s classroom .


The cost to you will be £20.00 per child.  (Please talk to somebody in the school office if you have any difficulty with this payment). The true cost of these sessions is significantly higher and this has been heavily subsidised by the School Fund.  The preferred method of payment is online by ParentPay.


All of the children will be taught to swim under supervision and a qualified lifeguard will be in attendance.


On swimming days the children will need a swimming costume or trunks, swim hat (optional), a towel and a strong waterproof  bag to carry everything in.  As they will be walking to and from the pool it is essential that they also have suitable walking shoes and a coat for  rainy or cold days.  Children with pierced ears should avoid wearing earrings where possible on swim days.


We aim to make swimming as enjoyable and as trouble free as we can.  The first and last sessions are always “fun sessions”.  In the first session the teachers’ aim to make sure all the children are happy and begin to place children in appropriate groups.  In the last session they are assessing the children and reflecting on the progress the children have made.  If you are worried in any way about swimming please speak to your child’s teacher.


Finally, because we walk to the pool and back, we do need a list of parents who would be willing to give up their time to escort the children to the pool.  Swimming is on a Tuesday afternoon and we will be back at school in time for home time.




Kind regards,



Anne Schwodler



Anne Schwodler



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