New Building Tour

On the 7th of April, Governors and Staff had a tour of the new building. It was the first time many had been inside the new school so it was pretty exciting for all of us. It was a beautiful sunny day which showed the building off well.

After a quick briefing, we were guided in through an entrance at the KS2 end of the building. This end has a central corridor with classrooms for years 3 to 6 either side. Each pair of classrooms share access to outside space and cloakrooms. We were all struck by the amount of space and light in each room – the ceilings were high and the windows tall to let in loads of natural light.006

At the end of the corridor are the SEN units, the main hall and the administration offices.

The hall looked larger than I expected and we could see the food serving area, equipment storage and how the building has been built with potential to allow future dividers between the main hall and the studio room.


Next we went along the KS1 corridor. We could see how the the light-wells let in great natural light from the roof.


Outside we saw how the brickwork is adding interest to the facade, along with the small windows. There is clearly a good amount of space outside each classroom.


This area will also be partially covered with a canopy.

Along the side of the building we could see the bat boxes which have been installed to provide a home for the bats which are living in the old St Mary’s building.


dsc_0848-smallAlongside the KS2 wing we could see the extent of the new playing fields as well as the well which was discovered during the excavations.


Everyone was impressed by the progress of the build and were delighted to see how things are turning out. We all agreed that the school looks like it will be spacious and light and will provide an excellent environment for the children when it opens at the beginning of the next academic year.

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