Cricket County Final

On Friday 29th June the Marlborough St Mary’s Girls’ Cricket Team comprising of Aoife, Neri, Elise, Sian, Rosie, Sophie, Emily, Manal, Lilly and Kaia went to compete at the Wiltshire County School Finals at Trowbridge Cricket Club.

The first of our group round matches was against Bitham Brook. Sian took an amazing catch and Sophie a great wicket to take us to a win. Our next game, against Harnham, proved to be our closest of the day. Some great batting was seen from Rosie and Sian and her partner Emily and Lily performed an excellent reverse sweep going for four, giving us a good total for them to reach. However, Harnham batted well and they went in to the final over needing 4 runs for a win. Elise executed 5 amazing bowls giving her a maiden over and Marlborough St Mary’s the win.

Our next match was against Peatmoor, who were a strong batting side and went on to win, meaning that we needed to win our next match against Box to proceed to the semi-finals. A good batting pair of Neri and Manal stood us in good stead and a wicket from Rosie helped us to win the match sending us through to the semi-finals as runners up against…


We went in to field first and the girls worked hard to keep the fielding tight. Sian made an excellent save stopping a ball going for 4, and Elise got a wicket with a run out. Ramsbury had scored 266. Would we be able to beat this? Well, I knew we were in for a good game when Aoife scored 4 sixes and 1 four in the first over, all the girls followed suit – batting their best of the day and giving us a total of 299 and a well-deserved win!

We then proceeded to the final against Five Lanes. It was a tight game at the end of a long and hot day. The girls tried their best but did not quite have enough to beat their final opponents.

So Marlborough St Mary’s Girls’ team are runners up in the Wiltshire Schools Cricket Final. An excellent result for a fabulous group of girls who have approached cricket this season with enthusiasm, dedication and determination. They have made Mrs Heath, Miss Scott and myself very proud and it has been an absolute pleasure watching them grow as a team this term.


Rachel Haines

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