Visit from Bead Rogerson Illustrator

Robins and Wrens were lucky enough to have a professional illustrator working with them on some of the tricks of the trade when it comes to drawing. The children were tasked with a number of challenges which they rose to with huge enthusiasm.

Four and Five year old children were asked to use their ‘off hand’ to draw an object in front of them. The complexity of this did not deter them and in fact their observations and in turn drawings became more and more detailed as they had to think carefully about how and where they placed the pencil.

Challenge 2 involved drawing a portrait of a partner, this time with their writing hand but not removing the pen from the paper. Another challenging task for such young children but as you can see the results were superb.

Finally children were given an object to hold behind their backs. They then had to draw the object from feel alone. This resulted in some superb vocabulary and further detailed observations of shape and form.


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