Shakespeare Rocks!

Year 6 Leavers’ Production 2018

Audrey – Macy M and Al – Eleanor HW introduce the show to the audience


Scene 1 – 1592 Will’s Study in Stratford. Will Shakespeare – RosieT, Anne – Esme L, Ollie – Elise H, Hamnet – Thomas A, Judith – Elina P, Susanna – Lily S


Scene 2 1595 London. Fans gather outside Will’s study Minstrels – Marie W, Kitty T, Neri N and Theo A. Fans – Charlie O, Stefan P, Rodrigo S


Scene 3 A rehearsal room. Burbage and Nic try to discover whether there are any women trying to get acting jobs by disguising themselves as men dressed as women.  Richard “Burley ” Burbage – Evie M, Nic – Millie T, Men dressed as women – Phoenix M, Sid R, Jake M and Alfie S. Women disguised as men, dressed as women – Ciara M, Flossie T, Sian H and Temenuzhka S.


Scene 4 1599 The Globe Theatre. The Queen visits the Globe and Will is shocked by the builders’ bill. Actors Jake M, Sid R and Phoenix M. Queen – Thea W. Painters Megan D, Manal B. Beer sellers – Jeremy T and Max pP. Heckler – Oscar H. Builders – Max C and Tyler C.


Scene 5 1613 A rehearsal room in London. Rehearsals of the “Scottish Play” are proving problematic due to the belief that mentioning the play’s proper name will bring bad luck. Director – Emily H, Producer – Flossie T, Witches – Elina P, Sian H and Tilly B. Macbeth Sophie B, Banquo – Daisy P, Sorcerers – Anney J, Amber M and Ciara M. Bernie – Tom M.



Scene 6 The smoldering ruins of the Globe Theatre. The survivors of the fire survey the ruins and a woman is discovered in the theatre. Older William Shakespeare – Aoife M, Juliet – Lily M, Romeo – Frank R.


Scene 7 1616 Wills bedroom. Will’s final days.


Scene 8 Finale – ~To be or not to be


Thank you to:

Mrs Dobie for making so many of our props, costumes and for helping us with our singing.

Our parents for helping us with our lines and helping to provide and make costumes.

Mrs Holford-Wright for loaning so man costumes.

The Moir and Hatch family for contributing the majority of the props.

Marlborough St Mary’s for providing the stage and for everyone letting us use the hall.

Our technician Oscar H

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