Year 5 Evacuation

It seemed as though the clocks really had turned back to 1939, on a September morning in Year 5.

Bravely, the children checked through their belongings, before packing their cases full of essentials to survive the war (as well as a few treasured teddies and family photos).

The pupils made their own rationed lunch in grease proof paper and then headed off in search of pastures new.

Superbly stoic, the children smiled through their songs of “The White Cliffs of Dover” and “We’ll Meet Again” as the billeting office eventually came into view.

As the evacuees waited for temporary war time parents, they were kept busy with activities such as:

making a nutritious filling soup, with vegetables all linked to the Dig for Victory campaign; learning to knit warm clothing for soldiers; sewing on a button, which was crucial so that they evacuees were as independent as possible in their new homes; french knitting so they could make little gifts to send home; even making a patchwork quilt, as well as all those favourite games such as marbles, jacks and jigsaw puzzles.

Our temporary “evacuees” were then able to write the most heartfelt emotive letters back home.

Bravo Year 5!

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