Medieval Day

Year 2 really enjoyed Medieval day and all looked fantastic!  We made honey biscuits and had them served with fruit for our morning snack.  We designed coats of arms for our school house team and learnt a traditional medieval dance in PE. 

We talked about whether or not we would like to go back in time to Medieval times.

Emily said, “I would like to live in medieval times as the Princesses got to wear beautiful dresses.”

“I wouldn’t want to travel back to medieval times because there were lots of deaths and you might have to fight!” James added.

Loolah explained she wouldn’t want to go back because, “There were lots of witches and wizards around who could turn you into a frog!”

Amber was keen to travel back as she wanted to be a Queen so that she could be in charge!

Year 1 enjoyed dressing up as medieval knights, princesses, kings, dragons and witches. They enjoyed leaning medieval dancing in their PE lesson.

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