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This term our topic has been castles.

We will use this topic to introduce thinking about things that happened a long time ago. We will look at information books about castles and make some simple comparisons between life then and now by dressing up and role playing. We will make swords, shields and helmets using various media.

Books that will be used to enhance our topic this term are

Winnie the witch and the naughty Knight -Valerie  Thomas

George and the Dragon—Chris Wormell

Jack and the beanstalk

We will also be celebrating Bonfire night and Christmas which will come around very  quickly!

Communication and Language

We place great emphasis on speaking and listening in Acorn room as it is the means of enabling the children to communicate with each other and with other people effectively. The children have individual and group speech and social skills sessions. All the children have been introduced to our Attention Autism sessions led by Helen Peel-Cross and they are absolutely loving it – it is a means of establishing turn taking, eye contact and anticipation



Your child will be bringing 2 books home in their reading folders daily. One of these is an Oxford Reading Tree  ‘Biff and Chip’ Reading Scheme book chosen by me. This is the school scheme used throughout the school until the children become ‘free readers’. The other book is one the children have chosen themselves from a selection that might interest them at various levels. Often the children choose the same book many times -this doesn’t matter – it increases their enjoyment of familiar texts. When the children are ready they will also bring home some keywords and letter sounds to practise with you  – there is no hurry – for now enjoy sharing books with your child!


Your child will be encouraged to join in lots of activities designed to develop fine motor skills for writing and begin to practise writing their names and other letters with  correct formation.


We will continue to learn initial letter sounds and  link them to objects in our  sound bag – more information next time!!


This topic will give us opportunities to use castles to look at shapes and  patterns—e.g. repeating patterns of brick work, finding shapes of windows etc. We will be able to measure castle walls , sword lengths etc.

Numeracy will involve counting to 20, hiding numbers to find what’s missing up to 10, guessing and counting how many knights in a bag (not real ones!) and other activities designed to consolidate numbers to 5,10 or 20 depending upon your child’s understanding of number.

Physical and Creative Development

Young children need to move !!. They need to develop good gross (large)  motor skills before they can develop fine (small) motor skills.  We will spend a lot of time in physical activities both in and    outdoors.

We will have ample of opportunities to create objects for our topic and for other key events through art, craft, cooking, role play etc





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