British Values

British Values

 Democracy (voting)

  • The value of democracy is shown through the School Council elections. Members of the School Council can explain their role, how they have been elected and give examples of how they have influenced whole school decisions. The School Council visits meets the local MP and visits the Houses of Parliament annually.

The rule of law (The country’s rules)

  • All classes have their own rules, chosen by the children. Keeping these rules means that our class and school is a happy place for everyone to work and play.

Individual liberty (Freedom to choose as long as we keep the rules)

  • A system of Restorative Justice has been introduced in school to encourage pupils to take personal responsibility for their behaviour.

Mutual respect, and tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs (Respect everyone’s ideas and beliefs)

  • Marlborough St Mary’s prides itself on inclusivity and the care and respect shown by the children to others.
  • The school works to a annual topic plan. Our topic of ‘What Makes Britain Great’ looks at key institutions in Great Britain and the history of great British figures. We also celebrate the wonderful diversity in Britain.

Art Exhibition based on “What Makes Britain Great”