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We jump into a time machine and travel back to Medieval Britain and castle life.  We will be reading aloud from information texts on castles and learning all about the features before making our own non-fiction book.  The famous tale of George and the Dragon will be used to increase our vocabulary and write character descriptions.  We will also be acting out the traditional tale of Beauty and the Beast using a play script before learning our lines for the Christmas Nativity.


Our main focus for this term will be developing our understanding of how numbers work and

improving our addition and subtraction skills. Get ready for lots of fun maths using resources, playing games and solving problems.

Helping your child to learn their number bonds up to ten and 2, 5 and 10 times tables at home will also be really helpful this year.

— we will be investigating the properties of materials .  We will look at castle

objects and features and explore which materials work best based on their properties.

Can you start to think about which objects you might find in a castle and what material they’re made from?

History: Do you know what the first castle was made from? How long have castles been around? We will be little historians as we ask questions, look for clues and read facts to find out about

castles and life in Medieval times.

RE: We will be exploring the Christmas Story and thinking about why God gave Jesus to the world.

ICT: We will be using our

research skills to use the internet to find facts, images and

information about castles and life in Medieval times.

PE: we will be embracing our

castles topic and choreographing a medieval dance.

We will use our time travelling skills to travel back in time to

listen to and discuss medieval


We will begin the term by painting and sketching castles.  Then we will make our own moving knight and a shield.

Fox Class 

We have been very busy learning lots of new facts and we’ve had exciting Theme Days involving dressing up and doing lots of exciting activities. What a busy start to Year 2!

One of our favourite subjects is Maths, have a look at some of our practical learning.




We also love drama. Here we are re-enacting the story of Where the Wild Things Are through Freeze Frames. Can you guess the parts of the story that we are acting out?







We really enojoyed our Great Banquet on our Medieval Day to celebrate the Castles topic we have been doing this term.


img_0009WARNING! Wild Things below….


As part of our Up, Up and Away topic we made houses to investigate how many balloons it would take to make them fly. Here is the exciting moment that one of our houses actually flew!


Badger Class








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