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Fox and Badger visit Savernake Forest

Fox and Badger classes had a wonderful sunny morning in the Savanake forest on 2nd October.  After a long, muddy walk up the steep hill, we arrived in the beautiful clearing surrounded by huge trees.  Following a short play where we learnt our boundaries, we split into classes and had our lessons.  In maths with Mrs Pash, we used our knowledge to make different numbers out of sticks, stones, beech nuts or leaves, and went on  to partition and compare them.  With Mrs Palmer, we built imaginative castles for little knights out of twigs, leaves and stones using what we’d learnt in class.   In both lessons, the teachers were dazzled by the children’s enthusiasm and language.  Of course, there was plenty of time for play and snack, and we had a lovely time exploring in the fresh air and sunshine.

As we walked back to school, Thomas exclaimed “That was one of the best days ever!” and Harry asked “When can we go again?”.

Mrs Anne Schwodler

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Mrs Toni Holford-Wright
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