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Term 2 WWII

English: This topic provides many opportunities for imaginative and emotive writing.  After an air raid siren and evacuation, you will reflect on these experiences by writing a diary entry. You will also have the opportunity to report on the Battle of Britain and broadcast this LIVE to some of the school! Finally, you will be watching an animation called The Piano by Aiden Gibbons and writing a narrative based on it containing a flashback of the character’s war experience.

Maths: A range of topics will be taught throughout the term with topics from Number, Shape, Data and Measures. We will continue to develop our mental arithmetic skills to ensure we have a range of strategies to solve problems and to continue to embed our number bonds and multiplication facts, including using inverses.

Science: Light and electricity –We will be investigating the best materials to use in the blackout, make a periscope, as well as exploring circuits to find ways to make our WWII searchlights brighter!

History: Are you ready for the air raid siren? How would you feel if you were evacuated to the safety of the country? Do you think you would like some of the recipes from this period of history? You’ll soon find out  – get ready to be transported back in time to find out more about WWII!

ICT: What do you know about  the Enigma Machine used in  World War II? We will be exploring coding in our sessions!

Music: Get ready to explore the music from World War II and sing some uplifting tunes!

RE: Understanding Christianity.

Art and Design: We  will be making our very own models of Anderson shelters!

Kingfisher Class

On this day all the children and adults came dressed as evacuees or adult helpers. We carried out some role play with the children being given different characters. They had to explain their feelings when separated from their siblings and also at being taken from their parents at the age of just 3…..

We have also experienced a rationed lunch and cooked some carrot biscuits using a World War 2 recipe. The children could just eat food that was available at the time of the Second World War. Adding to this we visited a local Anderson shelter and saw just how small the inside was for six people. Finally we visited the REME museum and experienced first-hand the life of some soldiers during the war eras.


We had some fire awareness training with the Fire Officer from Dorset and Wiltshire Fire Brigade.

She talked to us about fire prevention and what to do in the event of a fire.001

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