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WW2 Topic

Our topic this term is World War II

We have been learning about:

  • Reading “Letters from a Lighthouse” by Emma Carroll
  • Learning about Evacuation and writing letters home
  • Learning about Rationing in History
  • Making propaganda posters in Art
  • We evacuated to the Scout Hut
  • Learning about Vera Lynn and Glenn Miller in Music
  • We will be going on to make a dot mend project

Our writing will be closely linked to  our history topic using the texts ‘Letters from a Lighthouse’ by Emma Reeve and ‘My War Diary‘ by Marcia Williams. These first person texts will help us to write our own diaries from the point of view of a child evacuee.  Later in the term we be reading and writing our own    newspaper articles and reporting on the blitz.

Our grammar lessons will focus will on:

  • modal verbs
  • possessive apostrophes
  • semi colons
  • imperative verbs


This term the children will be planning and carrying out their own scientific enquiries based around materials and their properties.  Our World War II topic provides an excellent context for these experiments as children will be thinking about the best materials for protection in an air raid or for a hardwearing uniform. They will be taught how to identify variables and hypothesise before carrying out an investigation.


Our term’s work will be driven by the history topic of World War  II. We will begin by listening to Neville Chamberlain’s broadcast announcing  war and go on to cover aspects of British life on the home front such as the evacuation, rationing and the London Blitz. Our World War experience day will be an opportunity for

children to dress as an evacuee and we will end the topic with a Victory party.


In maths our focus will be looking at fractions and how they relate to percentage. We’ll also be   stepping back in time to look how metric measures can be converted to imperial measurement to link in with our topic.

Other lessons

ART –  Children will be designing and painting their own propaganda posters.  Towards the end of term we will have a mini ‘make do and mend’ textile project.

PE –   Children will be exploring shape, balance and movement on, around and over gymnastic apparatus.

RE –  This  term we will explore incarnation through the Christmas story.

Music –  We will be singing some War Time favourites with Vera Lynn and Glenn Millar

PSHE – Our unit will focus on how to develop responsibility for being safe in various situations. Pupils will explore stereotyping and                    discrimination and consider people who can help them.





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