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The train arriving at platform 9 and three quarters, was most definitely for the Otter class. Pupils have journeyed into the magical life of Harry Potter, having imagined what it would be like to receive a letter from Professor McGonegall inviting them to be educated at Hogwarts. Children wrote to reply, however not all pupils said they wanted to attend…writing was produced with insightful thoughts such as, ‘ I’m not too sure where an education that came from Hogwarts will leave my future career opportunities!‘ Otter pupils then explored the magical Diagon Alley, making descriptive pieces that were so vivid, a reader would feel they were in the Alley itself : The Owl Emporium: ‘From inside the Emporium, the cages that hold the owls as prisoners, rust and corrode like an abandoned prison…’ .  Gringotts: ‘A grand building stood proudly, made out of shiny, glimmering white marble. It towered imposingly over the other measly shops, casting a sinister glow of elegance…’  or perhaps Ollivanders is  more to your taste:’ Towering way above any other magnificent magic shop, Ollivanders (makers of exquisite wands since 382 AD) stood out with its charcoal-black bricks, which were as sooty and grimy as a chimney sweep, fresh out of a chimney. Its disarrayed, slanted shelves were tattered, with battered boxes holding slightly chipped wands. The beautiful halo-like lights were stars in a gloomy sombre sky. At Ollivanders, the wand will choose the person…‘ . Otters  wrote in role as Snape to Professor Dumbledore in no uncertain formal terms, complaining bitterly about the shocking behaviour of those pesky first year Griffindor students. As though that wasn’t enough, pupils then entered the Hogwarts bakery, creating the most unbelieveable purple and blue breads – even a mix of  tabasco and chocolate flavours – it could only be Hogwarts! Could we top that? Yes, the Otters ventured down to Marlborough College to meet Hagrid in person and carry out a scavenger hunt and quiz and then for our Marlborough St Mary’s finale a visit from the Owl man – wow what a term

Mrs Anne Schwodler

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Mrs Toni Holford-Wright
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