School Council

SCHOOL COUNCIL 2019 – 2020

 The school council are an elected body whose aim is to improve the school environment. We have termly meetings where we bring forward ideas from our classes on how we can make things better for everyone in school and we think of ways in which we can fund raise. Past ideas have included a non uniform day and a cake sale. We spent the money we raised on wet play games and outdoor play equipment. Keep looking for to see what we plan for this year. 

Class School Councillor
Squirrel Elsie Phillps
Hedgehog Amelia Vunipola
Badger Amy Hill
Fox Taylor Bushnell
Dragonfly Bobby Price
Swallowtail Macie Richards
Mallard Lucy Thorbek-Hooper
Teal  Ella Cook
Otter Jayden Wright
Water Vole Svea Rosedale
Heron Jemima Carroll
Kingfisher Rebecca Onyido-Douglas