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Year 3 have had an exciting start to the year with a morning spent enjoying the great outdoors at Savernake Forest.  To fit in with our Enchantment topic, we made dens for elves and fairies, explored our senses to help us with our descriptive writing and created enchanted storyboards using all the resources the forest had to offer.

We will continue to explore our local area for the rest of term with visits to the Town Hall, the Merchant’s House and Merlin’s Mound in Marlborough College.  Come back soon to see how we got on!

Year 3 Trip to the Town Hall

To continue our learning about ‘Magical Marlborough’, Year 3 have enjoyed a trip to the Town Hall.  We all agreed that the most exciting part of the trip was seeing inside the cells deep underneath the Courtroom.  We were amazed to see messages from prisoners dating back to the early 1900s!  The class were able to sit around the Council Meeting table in the Council Chambers and Jaidon became the Mayor with Alfie being his Clerk.  The children were all in awe when our tour guide, Deputy Mayor Mervyn Hall, opened a case to reveal the Mayor’s Ceremonial chain made of solid gold.  It was a trip we will never forget!

Alfie really enjoyed the morning, saying, “It was astonishing and an amazing experience!”

Morgan particularly liked learning about the courtroom but did add, “I wish I was allowed to be locked in the cells!”

Year 3 Visit to the Merchants House

Year 3 have been exploring the history of Marlborough by visiting The Merchant’s House and having a tour of the High Street hunting for the blue plaques. 

We got to try a traditional biscuit flavoured with rose water.  Some of us loved them and others preferred a malted milk!

We were amazed at how large The Merchant’s House was and how well restored it had been to get it back to how it was when Thomas Bayly (a silk merchant) lived there. 

We all enjoyed our morning and learnt lots about our town’s history.

Evie said, “It was amazing and I really liked the decorations, particularly the art work.”

Peter added, “The beds were made of rope and had mattresses on them.  It felt really comfortable when we sat on them – I want one in my house!”

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