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We’re sure the children will thoroughly enjoy our topic Under Attack where they will be learning about the Romans.   The topic  lends itself perfectly to find out more about non-fiction writing.  This term we will cover different genres  within non-fiction including reports and instructions.  We’ll also look at myths such as the story of Romulus and Remus as well as having fun with poetry.

The children will continue to have phonics and spelling lessons four times a week – spellings are sent home on a Monday for practising at home during the week.


History will form the bulk of this term’s topic lessons  as we explore different aspects of Roman life.  The children will be taking a close look at  sources of historical evidence.  Geography will also be covered through studying the Roman’s invasion of Celtic Britain.

Excitingly, we have a trip to the Roman Baths planned.

The children will continue to develop the link with a school in Chiavenna in Italy, which will help them to learn about the Roman invasion.


The children will be continuing to develop calculation skills moving from        addition and subtraction to multiplication and division towards the end of term.  They’ll learn to apply these skills in  practical  contexts.  We’ll also take a quick look at Roman numerals.  Practicing number facts (number bonds to 10, 20, 100), double/half facts and learning times tables at home will help your child enormously.


The children will be learning all about the human body this term.  In particular, they’ll find out about the human skeleton and muscles .  They will carry out simple investigations to    support their learning.

Diet will also be covered and they will compare what Romans ate with a present day diet.

Other lessons

Art and D.T. – the focus this term will be on D.T. as the children design and make Roman shields, chariots and gladiator helmets.  We will also be  looking at mosaics.

Music- the children will be learning to play recorders this term.

P.E. – This term our focus will be gymnastics and developing balance, travel and sequencing movements.

R.E. –  We will be exploring what is meant by the Trinity in Christianity.

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