Vision, Mission and Values

Vision Statement

Together we believe, learn and achieve.

Christian Values

Pupils, staff, parents and governors were all involved in choosing the six core values for the new school. Together with key festivals, of Christian and other faiths, these form the basis of collective worship in school.

Relationships are based on honesty, kindness and respect. We value each other as individuals. Everyone is proud of their achievements and those of others, in all aspects of school life. There is a strong sense of belonging and identity in the school.

Our six values are: Respect, Friendship, Courage, Perseverance, Fairness and Love.

We focus on one value each term

Term 1 Fairness

  • Our behaviour system of restorative practice is based on fairness and justice. At the end of term 1 we celebrate Harvest and think about a fairer world where the good things we have can be shared with others

Term 2 Respect

  • Mutual respect is shown throughout the school, to all and by all. As we build up to the season of Christmas we think about the respect shown to the child Jesus by those who went to see him and by future generations through the ages.

Term 3 Friendship

  • Friendship is a big part of school. We help each other and remember that Jesus is our friend and is always there for us.

Term 4 Love

  • In term 4 we think about the great love that Jesus showed for us at Easter. Year 5 re-enact the Easter story and we remember Jesus’ words “Love one another as I have loved you.”

Term 5 Perseverance

  • As we work towards the SATs tests at the end of the term we know that we have to persevere and make the most of the wonderful gifts and talents given to us by God.

Term 6 Courage

  • In term 6 we all need courage as we prepare to move to new schools and new classes. We are inspired by the example shown by Jesus, who showed great courage throughout his life

 British Values

 Democracy (voting)

  • The value of democracy is shown through the School Council elections. Members of the School Council can explain their role, how they have been elected and give examples of how they have influenced whole school decisions. The School Council visits meets the local MP and visits the Houses of Parliament annually. One of our teachers went to London to attend the UK Parliament Teacher Ambassador Programme in January.

The rule of law (The country’s rules)

  • All classes have their own rules, chosen by the children. Keeping these rules means that our class and school is a happy place for everyone to work and play.


Individual liberty (Freedom to choose as long as we keep the rules)

  • A system of Restorative Justice has been introduced in school to encourage pupils to take personal responsibility for their behaviour.


Mutual respect, and tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs (Respect everyone’s ideas and beliefs)

  • Marlborough St Mary’s prides itself on inclusivity and the care and respect shown by the children to others.
  • The school works to a two yearly topic plan. Our topic of ‘What Makes Britain Great’ looks at key institutions in Great Britain and the history of great British figures. We also celebrate the wonderful diversity in Britain.
  • During the topic, ‘Window on the World’, parents of children of different ethnicities were invited into school during Multi Cultural week to share stories, food and traditions from their cultures.



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