Our Hot Air Balloon

Children, staff and governors worked together to create a whole school vision underpinned by our Christian values. The children chose a hot air balloon to represent our school because it follows a flexible pathway and goes up and up, just as when we are striving to reach our goals.

  • Our values of Respect, Love, Courage, Friendship, Fairness and Perseverance are shown in the woven basket because they underpin everything we do. They are intertwined to show the values are all equally important and create a whole
  • The children and staff are in the basket, working together to stoke the fires of their learning
  • The colours of the balloon represent the amazing memories we collect during our time at the school
  • The Head and Deputy Head are in the basket looking through a telescope for new challenges
  • Our Mission Statement ‘Together we believe, learn and achieve’, is on the ground, it is the bedrock of our school
  • A rainbow represents awe and wonder, creativity and imagination, through an exciting, aspirational curriculum – overarching everything we do
  • The clouds represent our achievements, our dreams and aspirations
  • The strings of the balloon are all the other people who work with and for the school. We need them to hold everything together
  • The governors are on the ground reading the map and thinking about the way forward. The map is the School Development Plan
  • The parents are on the ground, ready to help us when we need support
Dan Crossman

Assistant Heads
Gemma Harris
Ben Ferris
Katie Kuryszko
Contact Information
Mrs Susannah Greenbank
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Mrs Sue Kent
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