Headteacher Anne Schwodler said: “All across the school, be it staff or pupils, the excitement and sense of anticipation is growing all the time.

“Kier, who are building the new site, are doing a fantastic job and although we are a while off from completion it is looking impressive already.

“It was really lovely to the bishop of Ramsbury here for this ceremony. We are a proud church of England school and we welcome him here today.

“The kids who got involved with some of the cement work were naturals, I was very impressed with their brick laying skills.”

After the brick laying and topping out ceremony, guests were given a tour of the building and were told where the hall, library, classrooms, playing field and multi-use games area.

 When the work is completed, the new amalgamated school will be able to take up to 420 pupils, including spaces for 20 with special educational needs.

“What is so great about the new place is that the access for people will be so much better and the facilities will be fantastic,” said Mrs Schwodler.

“The current sites have served us really well and are lovely old buildings but now is the time for change and it will be great to merge the two schools as one big family.

Andy Jones, Kier contract manager, said: “We are definitely on schedule for the school to move in this September. I thought the kids did a great job. Hopefully we can sign some of them up to help out a bit more, they certainly have the enthusiasm to be great brick layers.

Rector at St Mary’s, Andrew Staddert-Kennedy, added: “It seems to be going very well. I think it will be a great benefit to the education of youngsters in the town.”

The construction of the new school is expected to be completed by July.