The Rubik Cube Challenge 19th May at 2pm

Otter class are raising money for the Rainforest Trust, who are an
amazing organisation working with local indigenous people to preserve, protect
and buy up rainforest around the world to prevent it from being cut down or
burnt. An extreme measure, but a very important one considering the fragility
of all the rainforests and their precious habitats. Otters are hoping to help
buy some land in the Amazon rainforest, having learnt about the mounting
pressures it faces during one of their topics.

The Otters have come up with the Rubik cube challenge.

One of the Otter pupils will solve a jumbled up Rubik cube live on
Teams in school, and all pupils will be able to watch this from their
classrooms. If pupils would like to, for 50p they will be able to guess how long
it will take to solve, helping Otters raise their money. 1st prize will be £15
and a master class to reveal all the tricks needed to solve a Rubik cube, 2nd
prize will be first pick for free (no charge) from the Otter class sale (books,
toys, games etc) as well as a Rubik cube and 3rd prize is a Rubik cube.

 We wish Otter class every success with their fundraising.

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