A Church of England School

]What is different about a Church of England School?

Marlborough St. Mary’s School works under the remit of the Education Authority, but voluntary control remains with the Church.  Voluntary control means we are overseen by the Church.  All our work is underpinned by the traditions and beliefs of the Church of England and to ensure this, we have representatives of the Church on our Governing Body.  In addition to an OFSTED inspection we also have an inspection by the Church (SIAMS) – Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools.

How will this affect my children if we are from another faith or no faith?

Marlborough St. Mary’s is an inclusive school and we welcome everyone, regardless of faith.  We know that many families choose St. Mary’s because of our good reputation and connections with the Church but other families see us at the ‘local school’.  We follow the ‘Discovery’ RE teaching programme. This is an enquiry based scheme of work which encourages children to ask questions, make choices and discover for themselves about religious beliefs. We deal sensitively with all children, valuing the variety of experiences they bring and we all learn from one another.

Does my child have to take part in RE and collective worship?

Parents have the right to withdraw their children from these aspects of school life- this must be put in writing with an explanation on religious grounds for the withdrawal. We welcome the fact that our lessons and Collective Worship have children from different faiths or no faith and make sure that the content is inclusive to give every child the chance to reflect on their own views. If you have worries about RE or Collective Worship please make an appointment to see Mrs Schwodler who will be delighted to discuss the issues before you make a decision.