Early Years Induction

Welcome to Marlborough St Mary's CE Primary School


 Ducks Meadow, Marlborough, Wiltshire, SN8 4BX

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Headteacher: Mr Dan Crossman


In September your child will be starting school.  This is a huge and exciting step in his/her life.  Many parents ask how they can help prepare their child and themselves for this moment!

This booklet will explain some of the routines and experiences your child will encounter as a part of everyday life at Marlborough St. Mary’s School.  We hope that a greater understanding of what to expect will help to reduce your worries.

We aim to make the transition from home to school a positive and happy time for your child.  Our partnership with you is an essential part of this process.  You are always welcome to come in and talk about any concerns you have.

Our children and staff form a happy and caring community.  We are delighted to welcome your child and you to this community.


When your child first begins school there is a lot for him/her to learn to do.  It is a huge step into independence.  The following ideas are ways in which you can help your child to take the step with confidence.

  • Let your child “dress up” in the school uniform, encouraging him/her to dress and undress independently.
  • Let your child get used to being away from you regularly.
  • Help your child to develop their social skills. Encourage them to say “please” and “thank you”, and to take turns and share toys with other children.
  • When playing with toys at school the children will be expected to “choose”, “use” and “put away” toys and equipment they have selected. This could be promoted at home.
  • Help your child to develop their self-help skills. They could practise using the toilet and washing their hands independently, wiping their nose and putting the tissue in the bin, using a knife and fork, dressing and undressing.
  • Ensure all clothes and possessions are clearly labelled with your child’s name and help your child to recognise his/her name.
  • Encourage your child to hang up his/her own coat and to put away his/her own possessions. A loop sewn into coats makes this process a lot easier at school.
  • Let your child pack his/her own school bags as he/she can then locate the contents more easily once at school.

Please see the information below for further support with this via the children’s centre.


The teaching staff will greet you and your child at the rainbow gate at 8.45am. Children will be asked to find their name card and place it on the self register board they will be supported to remove coats and put book bags and water bottles in the appropriate places. There will be a range of activities to engage your child immediately inside and outside of the classrooms. At times some children can be reluctant to part from their parent/carer in the morning.  On these occasions we aim to manage these anxieties calmly and deal with every child and family with respect and sensitivity. Most children usually respond to encouragement from our staff but at times some can be very anxious.  We know how distressing this can be for parents and we always try to work out with you the best strategies for your child.  If necessary, we will telephone you to reassure you that your child has settled happily – which they all do.

During the remainder of the day we work alongside children with their interests, teaching the skills to groups and individuals. Whole class carpet times are an opportunity to teach daily phonics, maths and other cross curricular themes. Children have access to outside at all times, weather and staff permitting. We encourage children to bring in wellies and waterproofs for the messier activities. Mid-morning children will have a snack and playtime where they will be able to mix with friends in other classes across Key Stage 1. At midday children will go to the large hall for lunch and will again be able to play together on the playground.


Punctuality is very important.  The doors to the classrooms will be opened at 8.45, parents are welcomed in with their children to help them to settle and school starts at 9.00a.m.  This is a very important time of the day for the children.  It is essential teaching time when the day’s plans and routines are discussed. Some children can find it quite distressing if they are late; having to walk into the class when the children are all settled can feel a little daunting.

School ends at 3.15. The door is opened and you are invited in to collect your child from outside of their classroom.  The children are tired at the end of the day and looking forward to seeing you.  If you know you are going to be delayed, phone the school office to let us know.  Please let us know if somebody else will be collecting your child. We have a form in each classroom where you can tell us who will be picking your child up. We must have written permission in order to allow your child to go home with a different adult. Click here to download a form to let us know of any other adults that can collect your child.


Girls Boys
Red sweatshirt or cardigan with school logo

Grey skirt or pinafore or culottes or trousers

White polo shirt – logo optional

Red and white gingham summer dress

Grey or black tights

Grey or white socks

Black shoes [No Laces]

Red sweatshirt with school logo

Grey trousers or shorts

White polo shirt – logo optional

Grey or black socks

Black shoes [No Laces]

PE Kit Girls/Boys

White t-shirt – logo optional

Black shorts

Black daps / trainers

Other items Girls/Boys

School red book bags

Red PE bags

Shoes should ideally be a style that your child can put on/take off and fasten independently!  Velcro fastenings are great!

School uniform, PE bags and book bags are available to buy from our school uniform supplier ‘Gooddies’  online at http://marlboroughstmarys.gooddies.co.uk/

(No need to enter www.)

PE Kit

PE Kit

On your child’s PE day they will come to school wearing their PE kit.

We suggest that you provide a spare pair of socks and pants in their book bag in case of accidents.  It is not unusual to have a child so engrossed in an activity that visiting the toilet happens just a few seconds too late!  Should this be the case, young children often feel better putting on their own fresh clothing rather than borrowing spare school clothes.

We cannot emphasise enough the importance of labelling absolutely EVERYTHING.

In a reception class items of clothing get muddled or lost.  A name label resolves issues of ownership in seconds. Please practise putting jumpers and cardigans in the right way and putting them on and off without adult support.



Milk is provided free of charge to children until their fifth birthday.  We use a company called “Cool Milk at School” – your child will automatically be enrolled onto the scheme.  Once your child reaches their fifth birthday you may then subscribe to the company scheme whereby they invoice you directly, however fresh drinking water is always available and milk is offered free to all children every day at snack time.

The school provides a free piece of fruit/vegetable for each child at snack time up until the end of Year 2.


Children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 at Marlborough St Mary’s are provided with a free lunch.   Our school lunches are all cooked here daily on site and ingredients used are of the highest quality.  We offer children a varied menu to ensure that their nutritional needs are met, including vegetarian options and also meals from around the world.

Your child can choose either a hot meal option, a vegetarian alternative or the daily sandwich/jacket potato option.   Also on offer are fresh fruit, raw vegetables and yogurts. Click here to read a letter from Mrs Morley our catering manager about school lunches.

Homemade desserts are frequently served ranging from fresh strawberries in the summer right through to apple pie in the winter.

Lunches can be ordered on a termly basis.  Menus are sent home termly and copies are always available from the school office.

All infant aged children automatically get a free meal at lunchtime but the school gets additional money, called Pupil Premium Funding, to support children of families who would otherwise be entitled to free school meals. Please make sure you complete and return the ‘Free School Meals and Pupil Premium’ form which will go out with your pack or click here for a link to apply.

Due to the potential risk to allergy sufferers Marlborough St Mary’s is a nut free environment and we do not use any form of nuts in the cooking process. 



If your child becomes unwell during the school day we may need to contact you. We ask parents and carers to keep us up to date with contact numbers and notify us of any changes. Please do not send your child to school if they are unwell.

 Most pupils will at some time have a condition requiring medication.  For many, the condition will be short-term – perhaps the duration of a short absence from school.  However, although a child may soon be well enough to be back at school, medication may perhaps still be required during the school day for a short period.  In such cases, parents/carers may wish to visit, perhaps during the lunch break, to administer the medication themselves. In the event that this proves impossible any request for school staff to administer medicine by a parent/carer must be accompanied by a completed Administration of Medicines Form.  Medicines must have been issued on Prescription and in their original containers with instructions.

Where children have long-term medical needs, we will do everything we can to enable them to attend school regularly.  Parents/carers will be requested to give us details of the child’s condition and medication, and bring the medication to school in a secure, labelled container.  Records will be kept of all medication received and the day, time, dose and who administered it.

Non prescription medicines are not allowed in school under any circumstances.

School Nurse – Our school nurse visits regularly. Part of her role is to conduct routine eye tests, weighing and measuring. She can also give support with routines with eating, sleeping and toileting. Please click here for more information about the Wiltshire School Nursing Service.

Family Support Advisors act as a bridge between home and school, they provide emotional and practical help to parents and carers, they liaise with and co-ordinate with external professional agencies to ensure their child gets the best out of their education.  FSA’s will provide a listening ear for any worries parents may have and can help them access support for free school meals, debt, housing, relationship issues, health concerns, as well as advising who and how to talk to staff.   The FSAs are trained in parenting skills and offer 1-1 advice to parents.

At Marlborough St Mary’s our Family Support Advisor is Lisa Feeney, she can be contacted through the School Office.



Sharing books together

There will be a “Curriculum Workshop” during the first term this is an opportunity to explain the Read Write Inc phonics scheme that we use at Marlborough St. Mary’s. (click here to visit the Phonics page on our website).  The children will be able to take home a ‘book box’ book to share at home.  They will receive daily phonics sessions which will include learning rhyme, listening games and looks at sounds. Once your child is learning specific sounds you will receive a green sound book to practise at home. More information will be provided at the workshop in the meantime continue to read with your child – if they have a favourite story please let us know. Our aim is to have a class full of bookworms!  We endeavour to make reading a pleasure, something that the children want to do. This is not a process that can be rushed.  It takes time, encouragement, praise, and a lot of practice. By sitting quietly with your child for just 5-10 minutes each day and sharing a book together, you are helping your child to enjoy books.


We promote the sharing of books with as many family members as possible. They learn where a book begins and ends and that we read from left to right and from top to bottom.  They increase their understanding of the vocabulary used.  They get a feel for the concept of rhyme.  They begin to notice writing all around them and want to know what it says.  Ultimately, they want to be able to read things for themselves.

When your child is sharing a book with you try to remember some of the following points:-

  • Create opportunities to read in comfortable surroundings without interruptions and distractions.
  • Make sure sessions are frequent but short.
  • Your child is succeeding simply by having a go.
  • A little bit of praise goes a long way.
  • Encourage your child to talk about what is happening in the pictures, what the characters in the story are doing, and what might happen next.
  • Re-reading a book is enormously important for helping to build up sight vocabulary.
  • When help is needed give your child time to think and have a go, then prompt them to:
  1. Look at the pictures for a clue, or
  2. Sound out the letters of the word, or
  3. Miss out the word, read on and then come back to the tricky word, or
  4. Look at the first sound in the word and have a good guess.
  5. Failing this, tell your child the word in order to keep the flow going.
  • If your child is tired, share the book reading alternate pages or read the whole book to them.

Learning to read should be a happy time!


Book bags [No rucksacks/backpacks] can be bought from the school through our usual suppliers. click here. The book bags need to come into school everyday.  Children will be asked to read randomly throughout the week and hence need their book bags with them each day.  We also use the book bags as a means of carrying important letters to and from home.  It is essential therefore, that you check the book bags every day, as the children don’t always remember what they’ve put in their bags! We do request that you resist the temptation to place drinks in the book bags.  We sometimes have books irredeemably damaged by food and drink.


All infant aged children automatically get a free meal at lunchtime but the school gets additional money, called Pupil Premium Funding, to support children of families who would otherwise be entitled to free school meals. Please click here to read a letter from Mr Crossman regarding Pupil Premium. Please make sure you complete and return the ‘Free School Meals and Pupil Premium’ form which will go out with your pack or click here to download a copy.


 Letters and information are sent home in the children’s book bags. We use classdojo as our main school communication platform, you will receive login details before starting school in September. Occasionally there may be messages on a board outside of the classroom for important, immediate updates. For reception pupils tapestry is the main form of communication between the school and parents.

  • Three times a year at the beginning of each long term each year group produces a curriculum newsletter giving information about the subjects to be covered in class during the term and how you can help at home. Please keep an eye on our school website for these newsletters as well as update, letters and photographs throughout the year.
  • We have a Breakfast Club and an After School Club. Please ask in the office for details of booking or click here to visit the webpage.
  • We ask that parents use the “ParentPay” website to pay for before and after school club places and any other monies owing to the school. We will provide you with a unique username and password for you to log on.
  • Parking Disc – A parking disc can be collected from the school office which will entitle you to park in the George Lane car park (not Waitrose) between 8.45 – 9.15am and 2.50 – 3.20pm whilst dropping off and picking up your child from school.
  • Collection of children permission formPlease complete the form giving permission for additional persons to collect your child from school on your first day at school. Only these people will be allowed to collect from school unless otherwise informed via the office and classroom. Click here for a link to this form
  • School Uniform online ordering – The address of the website for our school uniform purchases is:


 Friends of Marlborough St Mary’s – are an open and friendly group of parents and teachers who work together to organise fundraising events for the benefit of our children. Click here for the Friends of Marlborough St Mary’s webpage.

You can contact them via the FOMSM Facebook group or friends.msm@yahoo.com

Click here for our  privacy notice – How we use pupil information

See below information from the NHS regarding vaccinations