5th  July 2017

Dear Parents and Carers

After a wait of almost twenty years, the new Marlborough St Mary’s Primary School is due to open in September 2017.

The Educational Funding Agency, with some support from the Local Authority, has provided the funding to build the school; however they do not supply new furniture or equipment to go into the building.

Parents, staff and governors of the school are fundraising with the aim of raising £75,000 to ensure that when the school opens it can provide the best possible start to the education of the children of Marlborough.  So far we have raised approximately £37,000. This will provide brand new IT equipment for three classrooms and the school hall, a fully equipped sensory room for our Complex Needs Resource Base and equipment for the Forest School area behind the new school playground.

We are looking for funding for several different areas:

  • IT – Some of the IT equipment we have in school is quite old and we would very much like to equip our wonderful new building with some state of the art technology. A new whiteboard, projector and laptop will cost approximately £2,000 per classroom.
  • Library – The new school has an open plan library in the entrance hall of the new school.  We have applied for funding from the Foyle Foundation but as yet do not know if we have been successful
  • Classrooms – Most of our classroom furniture is old but serviceable. We would love to able to replace the children’s tables and chairs for ones that are more in keeping with our beautiful new building.  The cost of new tables and chairs will be approximately £1,500 per classroom
  • Outdoor areas – We are planning to develop the area at the back of the playground into a natural environment for ‘Forest School’ education to enable the children to access education in the outdoors. The area will be left bare or grassed so we will need to provide trees and bushes to re-naturalise the area
  • PE – As a new school, we have a new school uniform, so will need to invest in sports kit for those children who represent the school in our sports teams. We also need to equip the new outdoor areas with fixed games equipment e.g. goal posts, netball posts etc.
  • Outdoor playground equipment – We are unable to relocate the outdoor climbing frame from the junior school and this type large, outdoor play equipment is very expensive to replace

If you know of a company or anyone who would be interested in sponsoring a classroom or any other equipment please let us know.  We are planning to display the names of sponsors on a ‘donor tree’ in the entrance hall of the new school and will be happy to support with any other appropriate publicity.

Would you be able to donate something to the school?  It doesn’t matter how much or how little, everything will build up to help us to reach our target.

A £15 donation will provide a classroom chair and £50 will provide a classroom table.  For donations received of £100 or more we would like to thank you by having your family name or business name engraved on a metal leaf that will decorate the beautiful donor tree that we plan to put in the entrance hall of the new school.

The school has set up a ‘Just Giving’ website, so that people will be able to donate simply. Just follow the link or look on the School website.

Alternatively you can donate via the school office by completing the form attached which will also save us the Just Giving admin fee.  If you are a UK taxpayer we would be very grateful if you could gift aid your donation, which will increase its value by 25%.

Thank you for your continued support. I know how generous you have been supporting both schools over the years and we are all extremely grateful.

Kind regards


Anne Schwodler



Mrs Anne Schwodler

Deputy Headteacher
Mrs Toni Holford-Wright
Contact Information
Mrs Susannah Greenbank
Ducks Meadow, Marlborough, Wiltshire, SN8 4BX
01672 513101

Mrs Sue Kent
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